Daily Archives: November 17, 2012

Small world

Earlier this week I visited with a prospective student who lives just two blocks from where I live.

Then on Thursday, near the back of the jet carrying me from KCI to San Diego, Rosemary Owens (voice faculty at Missouri State, and one of the grand dames of voice teaching in Missouri) sat down beside me.

That was after I saw Bart Shanklin, who interviewed me several years ago for a job at Southern Utah and who is now at Western Illinois, walking through Lambert on his way to another flight to San Diego.

Then this morning Larry Smith of Missouri Baptist University got on my elevator two floors below mine.

And then, as I was walking to my afternoon session after posting some cards, Jeff Pappas (formerly of Ball State, and now at Tennessee) hailed me.  We sat together in our afternoon conference.

The world is a small place indeed.

San Diego musings

For the second time in as many visits, outside forces have transpired to keep me busier than I would wish in this Southwest oasis of bliss.  I did get outdoors for a couple of hours today, including a long walk and some time by the bay.

Gelato is one of God’s great gifts to mankind.

The Marine Ball is taking place in this very hotel this evening.  Say no more.

Room service prices are outrageous.

I spent $11.50 on a movie tonight.  But Lincoln was so worth it, especially in a respectful theatre filled with adults on a Friday evening.

The conference begins in earnest tomorrow.

And today I finished the first and most involved draft of our new departmental website, to be unveiled in about ten day’s time.

I found a huge hat shop tonight in the Gaslamp Quarter.  I shall go back tomorrow!