Daily Archives: November 9, 2012

Now, the weekend

Friday.  6.30 pm.

I’m headed out to Saint Charles in a few minutes to see my former student Luke Meyer in the touring orchestra with Shrek, playing tonight for one night only at Lindenwood.  I’m anxious to see him!

Leaving work at 4.45, I stopped for a quick manicure, then came home to start some chili (with a grilled cheese), work on laundry, take out the recycling, and give the house a quick once-over prior.  Samson was needy, so I toyed with him for a bit too.

In my still-unwell state, I’ve had a hectic week at work, with just enough breathing room to allow me start to catch up and find some open space on my desk.  Spare minutes have been spent with our new website.

I saw a full complement of students this week, and I devised two new vocal exercises in response to problems they were presenting.

And now, thinking toward tomorrow, I have cleared out my day so that I have nothing I have to do. I’ll likely rake the front yard and clean it up.  Otherwise, life will be a peaceful day, on purpose.  Sunday won’t.