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Missouri Voter’s Guide

As I left church on Sunday, I found on my windshield a ‘Missouri Voter’s Guide’ provided by the Missouri Family Network.

Now, any organization that claims the mantle ‘family’ is automatically suspect in my book, because I have found that these groups are quite often allied with a very narrow definition of ‘family’ and a very skewed and unbalanced perspective of the way the world works.  These groups are quite often reactionary, not forward-thinking, and usually shrill in their approach to discourse.

This seems to be true in this case as well, if the voter’s guide is any clue, even though the small print claims that this pamphlet is a ‘nonpartisan’ candidate guide.

Nonpartisan, my ass.

With candidate-rating topics like ‘human cloning,’ ‘public funding for abortion providers,’ ‘religious liberty,’ ‘same-sex marriage,’ and ‘homosexual special rights,’ not to mention ‘Obamacare,’ this piece is just another twisted and one-sided special-interest rag.

Where in the ‘family’ piece is any mention of ‘taking care of the less fortunate,’ ‘clothing and feeding widows and orphans,’ ‘spending tax dollars on helping people rather than building missiles and practicing warfare,’ or ‘maintaining and growing our infrastructure so that all may have a chance to prosper.’  Where was any mention of a fair tax code?  Of decreasing racial tension? Of justice and a voice for all, not just for the wealthy and well-connected?

I’m truly disgusted . . . .

And then, the back page contains a guide on how to vote for Missouri statewide ballot questions.  On Amendment 3, regarding the currently widely-approved, non-partisan appointment of judges, the Missouri Family Council wishes to approve more political influence on the process rather than less.  Of course they also wish to curb Obamacare, since the cost of taking care of others and guaranteeing fair and easy access for ALL to health care is simply more than the pro-family people wish to pay.

And short-sightedly, this ‘family’ group is all for Big Tobacco, opposing the tax increase on cigarettes as a ‘massive’ increase, even though Missouri has the lowest cigarette tax of ANY state in the nation, and even though smoking clearly kills and tears families apart and causes people — disproportionately of the lower socio-economic classes — to spend dollars on something other than healthy and safety and food and family.

Nonpartisan, my ass.

I’m usually hopeful and happy on this blog, but I am fed up with the lies and distortions and blatant, godless hypocrisy of those who claim to be for ‘family’ and ‘God’ and who wrap themselves in flag and country in the name of their pious, self-serving, bitterness.

When are we all going to understand that governing from the center . . . living from the center . . . is the best way?


I would sing Evensong every day if I could.

Tonight’s Solemn Evensong for All Saints Day featured:

  • Rudolph ‘Trinity’ Responses
  • Howells St. John’s evening canticles
  • Taverner Song for Athene
  • Glandorf Eternity
  • Stopford The Beatitudes
  • Lehman Phos Hilaron

This was glorious music!

O years! and age! farewell:
Behold I go,
Where I do know
Infinity to dwell.

And these mine eyes shall see
All times, how they
Are lost i’ th’ sea
Of vast eternity:–

Where never moon shall sway
The stars; but she,
And night, shall be
Drown’d in one endless day.

~”Eternity,” by Robert Herrick (1591-1674)