Daily Archives: October 31, 2012

All Saints Day

They are flocking from the East
And the West,
They are flocking from the North
And the South,
Every moment setting forth
From realm of snake or lion,
Swamp or sand,
Ice or burning;
Greatest and least,
Palm in hand
And praise in mouth,
They are flocking up the path
To their rest,
Up the path that hath
No returning.

Up the steeps of Zion
They are mounting,
Coming, coming,
Throngs beyond man’s counting;
With a sound
Like innumerable bees
Swarming, humming
Where flowering trees
All alike abound
With honey,–
With a swell
Like a blast upswaying unrestrainable
From a shadowed dell
To the hill-tops sunny,–
With a thunder
Like the ocean when in strength
Breadth and length
It sets to shore;
More and more
Waves on waves redoubled pour
Leaping flashing to the shore
(Unlike the under
Drain of ebb that loseth ground
For all its roar.)

They are thronging
From the East and West,
From the North and South,
Saints are thronging, loving, longing,
To their land
Of rest,
Palm in hand
And praise in mouth.

– Christina G. Rossetti

All Hallows Eve

All Saints.

‘Tis Wednesday, the Eve of the Feast of All Saints.

I, as usual, do not understand the allure of celebrating Halloween to college students and those of an older age.  So I go through the day in a curmudgeonly mode, teach my lessons and classes, stay quiet, and come home to dark house that is staying dark, even at 7.30 p.m.  Thus it has ever been with me, and ever will be.


How can Mitt Romney sleep at night?  This man who is so caring and proper and, according to his bio, Christian and compassionate, lies and distorts and says whatever is necessary for him to make it to the presidency.  The hypocrisy just boggles my mind.

And why hasn’t President Obama pointed out to one and all that no matter the President says he will do, he still has to get approval, at least for funds, through a tortured and tormented Congress.  One man cannot save all of this.  But a group can, and should.  I fear, though, for this country in our self-serving special-interest culture.



So, I keep my head down.  And in the midst of that, and of my recent illnesses, I’ve been experiencing some of the best teaching opportunities . . . and successes . . . of my career.  Today’s lessons were all super-successful, as was one on Sunday.


I printed and pasted yesterday the last of my travel blog entries from London into the travel journal I kept.  I also have pasted a few postcards.  One of these days, in my dotage, I expect that I will enjoy the reminiscences — if, that is, I can still read my rather quick-pen writing.


Speaking of beautiful writing, Letitia Baldridge died this week.  We have lost a lovely and luminous lady.