Daily Archives: October 22, 2012

Back in the saddle

I’m holding onto the reins, because this is going to be a busy week!

Monday morning self-portrait.

Sleep was fitful last night.  Allergies have reared up again, and I had a pretty miserable night.  Samson the Feist, though, was a comfort, not leaving my side the entire night.  I think he missed me.  And I love that he shows it by throwing a paw over my arm as we drift off to sleep.

(Have I mentioned how I much I love this dog?)

A contractor is due here momentarily to start the process of determining what to do about the cracks in the walls.  I’ll get to school just in time to teach a class and go over the mid-terms from ten days ago.  (The students did well!)

And just like that, London is a memory (altho I’ll be posting more stuff as the week commences) and I’m back in the saddle on this bucking pony we call university teaching and administration!