Daily Archives: October 5, 2012

I fell


I was walking through the CMS today after class, and suddenly found myself falling. The spill wasn’t bad.

I have these black shoes that I’ve had for years.  They have traveled with me to Asia and Europe, and are now quite beat up.  I wear them here in the rain.

But I remember falling in France in the rain, in these same shoes.  Terrazzo floors and these soles don’t do well together.

Fortunately today, Steward was right by me to help me up.  And I was more chagrined than sore.

Six hours later, though, my ankle is really talking to me, and my knee (the first thing that hit the floor) is also in an unhappy way.  Stairs are especially difficult tonight.  I’m hoping that this is just a little twist!  (My Aunt Margaret had shoulder replacement surgery several weeks ago.  I can handle a minor ankle sprain.)  A house with stairs, though, is not the easiest to negotiate when the right leg isn’t working well!

No mo’ otitis

The ENT did some interesting things to my ear canal today, at one point making me think bacon was sizzling in my ear canal; he said at the end ‘go in peace.’  I hope that this is marking the beginning of the end of my troubles.  While the hearing is still not back to 100%, the promise of full recovery is there, and the outlook is good.

Now to finish the antibiotics, continue to deal with allergies, lose 50 pounds, get my heart going, and generally find myself at 24 years old again . . . .

And to awake from the day dream…….