Daily Archives: September 23, 2012

Ear ache

Before I had work done to rid me of that damned deviated septum, I used to get ear infections with some regularity.  They weren’t pleasant, but they didn’t hurt too much.

Today is day three of a bout of otitis externa, otherwise known as an earache of the outer ear.  Something (probably me) has irritated the ear canal’s mucous membranes enough that they are now infected.  I can barely hear out of my right ear, and I hurt to chew and to turn my neck.  All of this is normal, say the medical experts.  And unless it goes on too long or the ear canal completely occludes, I should tough it out.  This morning, after some balance issues and dizziness, I let the pros take a look.  They simply confirmed what I’d already figured out.  I’m refusing antibiotics unless things really go downhill.

But the “ouch” factor is pretty high today.  It was bad enough, along with the dizziness, that I called in sick to church today, and that’s not something I usually do.  And I missed the very special anthem by Godfrey Sampson, “Ah, my dear angrie Lord.”

Huge dilemma

I have a huge dilemma . . .

On Thursday, October 18, I am to be in Cambridge for luncheon with Sir David Willcocks and his wife.  My plan had been to stay in town for the 5.30 p.m. Festal Evensong at King’s College, in commemoration of the Feast of St. Luke.

The choir is singing Rubbra, which is not necessarily a desert-island-favorite for me.  But  . . . it’s still KING’S!

And then, God willing, I could dash down to St. John’s for their 6.30 p.m. Mass for the Feast of St. Luke, including the Bryd Mass for Four Voices.

Alternatively, I could come on back to London for dinner, then go the Barbican for a London Symphony Orchestra performance of Elgar’s Symphony No. 1, conducted by the indomitable (and very aged) Sir Colin Davis.  I shan’t be likely to get a chance to see Sir Colin conduct ever again, so I think that’s the direction I’m headed right now.

What an embarrassment of riches this dilemma is . . . .