Daily Archives: September 22, 2012


I had a hankering for goulash tonight, and in keeping with my plan to use up every bit of edible meat in the freezer before I procure any more, I thawed a pound of hamburger, then substituted it for the beef called for by The Joy of Cooking.  With a few other slight adaptations, I had an incredibly happy meal of goulash on noodles.

Paprika, sour cream, V-6 juice, some beef broth, a bit of tomato paste — these are yummy things when put together!


I’ve worked up a lather today!

Since arising (after 9!), I’ve made homemade biscuits which I ate with homemade peach jam, dusted the entire house, swept the entire house, taken out two loads of trash, changed the summer hats to fall/winter hats (entailing multiple trips up & down stairs), moved two huge arms-ful of silk shirts to the basement and brought up winter clothing and suits and such, finished two loads of laundry, planted mums in the yard and planters, watered the porch plants, played with the dog, talked to Ken on the iPhone, cleaned both bathrooms, scoured and bleached the kitchen sink, and planned dinner.

And it’s not yet 1 p.m.

I LOVE Saturdays!

The rest of the day includes a quick trip to a store to buy a coffee-maker, since my mine died this morning; a visit to Glen & Tim at their new home; a trip to Goodwill to drop off clothing and some old summer hats; more housework; listening to an opera while I iron dress shirts; and Brighton Beach Memoirs at the Rep at 9 p.m. tonight….