Daily Archives: September 15, 2012

Away day in Hannibal

Beth has been hoping to visit Hannibal with her children, since the kids have never been and Beth has not been back to Hannibal since she was 18.  So I drove up this morning to meet them and play tour guide.

We lived in Hannibal when I was in elementary school, moving away toward the end of my fourth grade year.  Beth barely remembers living there, since she was just turned four when we left.  So today, Beth had some very jumbled memories of the two houses I remember, of where Dorothy Watson lived, and the Gruber house, and of Fifth Street Baptist Church, and so on.

We had a fun day, taking in all the Mark Twain & Tom Sawyer stuff, climbing up Cardiff Hill to the lighthouse, going up to Lovers Leap, touring Mark Twain cave, and playing on the banks of the Mississippi from the Illinois side.

And, five minutes shy of 12 hours away, I was back home!