Daily Archives: September 7, 2012

Friday, and rain

I’m a supposed to entertain a dozen students at home at 6 tonight for barbecue.

Last weekend, the BBQ turned into a pasta night.

The different crowd this weekend will get their burgers after all.  I rushed home at 4.30, changed clothes, started the charcoal, and had the burgers done and warming in the slow cooker by 5.15.  I’ll be damned if a severe storm is going to hamper my grilling!

And there’s the thunder, right on cue at 5.30…..

The week has been very busy, with work at home every evening.  I’m hoping that next week will slow down some.  The weekend ahead isn’t much better: workshop at church in the morning, gig in the evening, service Sunday morning, recital at school Sunday afternoon, and a pile of work at home with me.

I’ll have pictures tonight after the kids leave, and another Sing For Your Supper video!