Daily Archives: September 3, 2012

To home and back

At 7.30 p.m., I am back in Saint Louis after making the return trip from Lee’s Summit today, non-stop, in three hours and 23 minutes.  Samson slept the whole way, from the moment I got on I-70 in Independence to the moment I pulled up on Lawn Place.

While I took my D-XLR camera, I didn’t use it.  In fact, this whole trip was spent in driving, sleeping, eating, or visiting.  I suppose that’s what a whirlwind 23 hours in my hometown should be.

My father is having surgery on Thursday for cancer in his lymph nodes.  The cancer is consistent with a merkel cell that was removed from his arm two years ago.  He is a man of extraordinary religious faith, and will weather this latest ill health with dignity and aplomb, if also some soreness.  Further biopsies will determine what further course of action is necessary.

Meanwhile, my sister Karen is recovering well from surgery on her wrist.  I enjoyed laughing with her today!  And Beth and Robert and kids are all fine.  Anna will be 16 soon; both boys are in elementary school, one at either end of the age range.

Sadly, Aunt Esther has noticeably aged (she is 100, after all) in the last three months.  The sparkle is gone from her eyes, and she had a certain look that I’d not seen in her before.  I wonder if today’s brief visit will be my last.  I asked her to hang on until Christmas, but she hung on until 100, and truth-be-told she deserves a rest.

Here are shots from the last two days: