Daily Archives: September 1, 2012

Freshman night

As I do from time to time, I entertained students this evening at my home.  The occasion was what I now call ‘Freshman Night’ — my freshmen students in both class and studio join me for a home-cooked meal, then sing a song.  For most of these students, now two weeks into the new semester at Webster University, this is the first time they’ve heard each other sing.

(Samson joined in some of the singing tonight, deciding to be very barky.)

I also invite my current voice students.  So our total tonight was eleven students.  Another similar meal is set for Friday this next week.

Here are shots from the evening:


St. Isaac the Rainy continues to bless us.

The house is clean (very), and pasta sauce is on the stove.  I have 11 students arriving in 90 minutes for dinner and a songfest.

Last evening’s farewell party for Mark Scholtz was a delight, even if I took the G&T one too far.  Mark was feted, and we had a grand time with food and drink and chat.  I’ve posted a number of pics on Facebook, but here are a few: