Daily Archives: August 24, 2012

Week I

Week I of Fall 2012 is now history.

I’ve met my Fundamentals of Music class three times, had countless meetings with students and faculty and staff, finished music choices for my students for this semester, hosted a Convocation and a seminar, and generally had a very smooth week in spite of the hectic nature of first weeks.

At 12.30 today I left for Illinois, where I collected Christine Brewer and enjoyed a barbecue lunch with her, then a trip to Fezziwig’s in Lebanon, Illinois.  The balsamic vinegar tasting was especially fun!

I live in the neighborhood at the top right of the photo.

Traffic on I-64 was awful, so I drove home overland through the city and had an hour here before heading to a choir rehearsal at church for a major service we are singing tomorrow.  Finishing the week with Byrd and Parsons and Lehman and some yummy hymns – this is the way to complete a week at school!

Of course SLUH is having a home football game tonight, so the neighborhood is packed an parking is awful. Ingrid the Volvo is in the garage tonight!

For some reason, Gmail does not seem to want to load on my computer…..

And with that, I sign off!


This post is my 2,500th over the last several years.

…Or so I am told by the little counters in the corner of my blog’s dashboard.

Rather than wax poetic, I’ll post the first page of my new “Forest Park” Preces and Responses, written this month for my friends in the Choir of The Church of Saint Michael and Saint George in Clayton.  I’m working on getting these into viewable shape, and have spent three hours tonight on cleaning the score.

So 2,500 it is, and with a nod to God as I post this day: