Daily Archives: August 22, 2012

First week

I’m seated right now at my patio table.  Cicadas are buzzing all around.  And a little gnat just tried to fly up my left nostril.  I am not amused.

Monday turned into an 11-hour day at the office.  I was wiped when the day was over, and ended up making a chili dog and homemade fries for dinner.  Then I went to Showtunes with K and sang along with the songs.

Is another reboot in the works??

Yesterday was a bit shorter day – only 9 hours.  I celebrated Day Two by going to see the new Batman movie, finally.  And I loved the movie.

Today started at 7.30 a.m. with a contractor here at home to measure two rooms for hardwood floors.  A full day at the office ended at 4 when I met my attorney to review some documents.  A long nap followed.

The parched yard is receiving water tonight after my few days of neglect.

I’ll work on setting more of my music on the computer tonight, then watch a flick to relax.

And . . . my two published choral works are finally live on the website!  http://www.kcmusicpublishing.co/composer?id=10