Daily Archives: August 12, 2012

One last night at the Muny

I attended The King and I again last evening, taking my Texas student Jeffrey Allison to his first Muny show.  And I enjoyed seeing the show from a different angle while looking at finer details and narrow-scope pictures and tableaux on stage!

The Muny closes the 94th season tonight.  They’ve had a great summer!

[Jeff is from Houston.  He always thinks the weather cold here when it gets below 70 or so.  I teased him about bring a jacket last evening.  By intermission, I was wishing I had one too, such was the temperature drop in the damp night air.  The evening felt more like early October than mid August.  So I had to say it to him: “You were right to bring a jacket.  I was wrong.”  How I loathe saying those words . . . .]


I must say: a bushel of peaches can make a lot of jam.  And a lot of work.  Fortunately, jam is one of those things I can do in my sleep, and since the only thing I do to the peaches before macerating them in the food processor is to wash them and pit them, the prep is awfully easy.

Since church this morning (Bairstow’s Jesu, the very thought of thee), I have made three more batches of peach jam for a total in 24 hours of 24 half-pints and 8 pints.  And I’ve mopped the kitchen floor after cleaning everything.  And run two loads of laundry (I go through kitchen towels awfully rapidly).

The bushel box is still 2/5 full, so I may make two more batches of jam (after spending a small fortune on jars and sugar and pectin already).  This will keep me in Christmas presents, host/ess gifts, and thank-you jars for a full year, I think!

And what sweet and fragrant goodness this spiced peach jam is!

Tonight I’ll cut up the cucumbers and start another batch of lime pickles.

Now for today’s New York Times and some office work on the home computer.