10 + 7 = yummy

From the bounty of nature comes canned goods.

I purchased this morning a bouquet of zinnias, a large cucumber for salad, a bushel of tomatoes, a pound of stringless green beans, five ears of sweet corn, a bushel of peaches, and enough small cucumbers to make one more large batch of pickles.  And a dozen eggs.  And a head of Romaine lettuce.

As of 4 p.m. this afternoon (when I am now stopping for the day), I have skinned and canned 7 quarts of tomatoes.  And I’ve made 10 half-pints of spiced peach jam.  The pickles will go on to soak before bed tonight, which means that Tuesday morning is canning time.  And I expect to make one or two more batches of peach jam tomorrow, since the process takes only about an hour from start to finish.

Dinner tonight is a meat loaf, fresh ears of sweet corn, and a cucumber and Romaine salad with orange vinaigrette.

Before any of the canning started, though, I made a peaches-and-cream pie.  Think pie crust filled with sugar and corn starch, overlaid with peeled and halved freestone peaches, with a bit more sugar on top of that, then topped with heavy cream.  And baked until set.

Dinner and then the Muny tonight should be a lovely evening!

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