The King and I

I attended the final production of the Muny’s season tonight, delighting in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The King and I.  And I was accompanied by Nick, the new sub-organist at the Church of Saint Michael and Saint George, in his first Muny production, and his first real night out since moving to Saint Louis.

The production features a 30+ piece orchestra, which is both a luxury and a joy.  The band sounded in terrific form, and was under expert direction (a real plus after the downer of the week before).

And the show was wonderfully cast.  Rob Ruggiero made the most of the Muny stage, filling it with people and pictures and activity, and with reality in this fairy-tale piece.  Laura Michelle Kelly was a star stand-out as Mrs. Anna.  Joan Almedilla’s Lady Thiang was rock-solid as well.  And a very fit Joshua Dela Cruz sang the crap out of Lun Tha.

I’m a musical theatre nut.  The Golden Era of Broadway shows feeds my little soul.  This show is one that gets me every time it’s done well.

And it got me tonight.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of the King in that final, inevitable scene.

If you are in Saint Louis, and haven’t seen this show yet, and value beauty and classic musicals, RUN to see The King and I this week!

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