Daily Archives: August 3, 2012

Vacation ends

As of today, I’ve not been at the office for 17 work days.  But vacation is ending.

I’ll go to the office on Sunday to dust and tidy and prep for the onslaught that will be Monday morning.  I’ll have fresh flowers waiting for me too by the time I’m done on Sunday.

As I wrote a few weeks ago, this hasn’t been a get-away vacation, although I have traveled a good deal.  I’ve been checking email almost daily, and have been in phone contact with the office several times each week.  The work has continued, but at my own time and pace.

And I’ve composed some new music, traveled to Michigan for a student recruiting event, stayed up on my journals and blogs, and such.  I’ve read a great deal of music, and continued work on the research project.

But today, I am making bread.  And cleaning house.  And teaching a voice lesson to a wonderful college student.  (The bread has me most excited, as I’ve not made bread in years!)

The show-going isn’t over yet either.  I’ve seen seven musicals so far this summer (not counting the NYC trip in June), with The King and I, Lion King, and The Sound of Music yet to go before school begins.

Principal research complete

Happiness in the stacks as I finished my principal research this morning.

With my visit to the Gaylord Music Library at Washington University this morning, principal research for the American operetta project is now complete.

I plowed through another two dozen scores today, finding some gems and real and true dreck.

A particular verse from a Sousa operetta suffices to demonstrate:

“Day by day we will stray
Where violets dwell mid asphodel
And ox-eyed daisies reign.”

I’ve read about half the music again, and will finish that part of the project by Labor Day.  Then comes the editing and resetting of songs in new notation.

Project flow: 40% done, but the hardest part is now over.