Research 2

Scenes from the day:

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My morning was spent organizing and determining which way to divide and conquer the task ahead.  After I departed at 11 this morning, I walked a good chunk of the way north, then hopped on the subway to complete the journey to Lincoln Center.

Arriving early at the library, I decided to have a snack of some gelato and Pellegrino.  The grove was shady and cool as I read the newspaper and waited for the library to open.

My first 45 minutes today was spent in the Dictionary Catalog of the Music Collection on the New York Public Library.  That seems dry, but I discovered all sort of things to see while I’m here.  Before the day was over I’d added about 15 new scores to read, and found some possible song choices in several of them.

The remainder of the day was spent looking at scores and sheet music.  The process is cumbersome: one submits an individual, handwritten call slip for each piece of music or book you wish the library to retrieve.  They assign you a number.  You wait for the number to flash on an electronic call board.  You collect the item and get to hold it, read it, photograph it, but not mark in it or photocopy or take notes except on paper they provide.

Today I took over 140 pictures.  In two days already, the total of songs photographed is over 75.  I probably have two more full days of research, with a possibility of four more before I depart.

Lunch today was at a Halal food cart next to Julliard.  Dinner, after unexpectedly meeting an alum I needed to see, was in Little Brazil near Times Square.  And then I was able (barely) to catch the evening show of One Man, Two Guv’nors, one of the funniest and most satisfying shows I’ve ever seen.  The plot takes ten minutes to get wound up, but then it takes off on a non-stop ride of jollity and mad-cap hilarity.  I’ve not had this much sheer comedic entertainment at a show in years!

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