Stormy weather

I got my dahlia bulbs planted today before the rains hit.  The forecast calls for more rain tonight and tomorrow.

How grateful I am for the rains that keep my yard green and my flowers beautiful!


I rose with the dawn the morning and headed to Columbia, where I skirted the Mizzou campus to play for my high school soprano at Missouri United Methodist Church; she sang for the state solo and ensemble contest.  After being ill this week, she rated a II.  I’m pleased with her progress, though, and with her desire and attitude.  She has a bright future.

I’ve heard this week of job changes for at least three former colleagues of mine, and I bet the dominoes haven’t quit falling yet.

Me?  I’m happy at Webster, and hoping that life continues here for a long while!


8 p.m.

After working in the yard and teaching a make-up lesson at home, I took a short nap, then set out for Costco.  The rains started falling as I was headed south.  Then the power flickered in Costco, with the store losing much of their lighting.

As I drove home, right at 6 p.m., I could see that I was headed for inky blackness.  The western sky was dark indeed.  Driving west on I-44, I became concerned about what was ahead of me, and what would surely be over my house very soon.  And then the sirens started, signaling a tornado warning.  Then the rain stopped.  That’s a bad sign.

I arrived home just as golf-ball sized hail starting raining down.  When that let up, the rain started again, but I could see the sky lightening to the west, and I had a pretty good idea that no tornado was going to beset me and Samson this evening.

The reports from around the area include at least one fatality at a pub near Busch Stadium, flooding on the freeways, much aggravation from hail that was even larger in other parts of the city, and, even in my yard, tree limbs down.  I’ll likely call an insurance adjuster to check my roof for damage after the hail.

More cells are coming, though.  This storm system isn’t over yet.

Strawberries are cleaned and waiting for breakfast, along with blackberries.  A brisket is on the agenda this week as I entertain students for one last meal this semester.

And Samson is ‘Fraidy-Feist is now sleeping soundly by my side after being paralyzed with fear at the thunder and noise from outdoors.


I’m staying in this evening, rather than going to the symphony.  Laundry and ironing and shoe-shining are the Saturday evening chores.  A night in sounds delightful anyhow.

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