Daily Archives: April 16, 2012

A game

Whilst snuggling with Samson the Feist, I found myself half-asleep and doing random word association in my haze.

This led me to chase a rabbit, one that I now share.

Imagine this is a party game for the erudite:

Start with any word, and the next person in the circle or line must either rhyme the word or say an antonym.  (One could sub synonym, but antonyms will create more variety.)

As such:

Park, lark, spark, dark, mark, erase, deface, replace, keep, steep, beep, creep, lover, hover, cover, sheet, meet, peat, feet, hands, etc.

This could be a lot of fun after a G&T.

Should any of my faithful readers decide to use this as a entertainment some partial evening, please do let me know!


I am at Midway in Chicago right now, en route home to Saint Louis after a quick, less-than-24-hour dash to Indiana.  The trip was productive, but truth be told I’m delighted right now with the prospect of blue skies and returning home to my own bed.

I love working with choirs, and love meeting up with old friends.  That was the sum and substance of the Indiana trip, all leading to students at Webster University.

Meanwhile, the office email is crazy today.  (Mondays usually are.)

The rest of the week is crazy at school.  And then I leave for the weekend to spend family time in Lee’s Summit as we celebrate Aunt Esther’s 100th birthday this weekend!