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Considerations for pew-sitters

[from The Anglican Digest, Spring 2012, p. 11]

Considerations for Pew Sitters

In our media age, we are constantly bombarded with messages on TV, via hand-held devices or computers, and through a continual onslaught of in-print advertising. We have become selective in our attentions, forcing newscasters and product peddlers to coat their pitches with entertaining stories, visual pleasantries, and a pretended informality.

Then come Sunday morning, we find ourselves listening to a sermon.  Today’s preachers are forced to compete (at least by subconscious comparison) with talk show hosts, comedians, and some of the country’s most creative and talented (and often heretical) preachers, otherwise known as televangelists. These cultural considerations demand that preachers take their task seriously and work on improving their content and delivery.

As Christians, we are responsible for making the most of every sermon we hear. The sermon is an opportunity to explore the themes of Scripture more deeply, to be challenged and comforted by God’s Word, and just maybe, to hear specific instructions for our life by the power of the Holy Spirit.

(to read eight suggestions for preparing to hear a sermon, click here and scroll to page 11)