Daily Archives: March 30, 2012

As seen at home

Pictures from Thursday evening:

Johannes Pieter Stolp

My great-great-great-great-grandfather Johannes Pieter Stolp was born 26 March 1747 in Nassau-Dietz, in what is now Germany.

He died in New York state in 1826.  At age 20 he had fought in the French & Indian War, meaning he had emigrated by then; he later fought as an infantry man in the Revolutionary War, serving in a New York regiment.

His son, Peter, moved to Illinois sometime after 1830. And his son, my great-great-grandfather Edwin Augustus Stolp, moved to Bates County, Missouri, where he is buried, along with many descendants, in Crescent Hill Cemetery outside of Adrian.

I would bet that he, like most of maternal ancestors, was a farmer.  He owned a great deal of land at his death.  He was a Lutheran.

The name ‘Stolp,’ by the way, derives from location names – from places called Stolp or Stolpe in Pomerania, Mecklenburg, and Brandenburg in the east of Germany.

Parking vultures

One of my office windows looks out on a parking lot.  Webster is not blessed with close-in lots, and so places in these lots are highly desirable.

Every MWF, around :45 on the clock (classes empty at :50 and begin at :00), the vultures start to circle, hoping that a spot might come open.

I decided years ago that I would just park further away and walk, whether at the mall or at church or at school, as the extra few steps are better for me.  And, truth be told, idling time, while waiting for a spot, wastes the time I could be walking and not getting frustrated, and creates more emissions that blight our atmosphere.

So I am often amused at those people who pull in at 8:55 a.m. for a 9 a.m. class, hoping to get a spot on the lot by Thompson House.

And I notice that those who idle and wait are often the folks who could use the extra few steps (says the choirmaster to his own choir of one).

By the way – I have determined that I am not doing fast food for the next few months, and I’m already walking more and for longer periods of time.

But . . . I parked my car ten steps from my office door today, since I arrived before 8!