Daily Archives: March 28, 2012


Wednesday is always a longish day.  My two busiest teaching days are Tuesday and Wednesday, and I’m beat by Wednesday evening after seeing seven Webster students and three private students in three days, plus teaching two classes, attending meetings, and doing the admin work that is my job.

So tonight has been pleasant.  I spent some time with a friend, and we dined on pasta and salad. The friendly neighbor/plumber from across the street came over and fixed the shower drain and the toilet tank.  (I now have full use of my upstairs bathroom again.)  That his cute little Kindergartner daughter came along as his apprentice was even more fun.  I finally got her to talking tonight, after three years of trying.

Laundry is done, and some office work finished, thanks to the miracle of remote work by computer.

The next two days are also long, but I’m looking at a relaxed Friday evening and Saturday, including the promise of yard time again on Saturday.

And Friday, thanks be to God, is payday!