Daily Archives: March 16, 2012


The house has some glorious smellifications going on right now.  I pre-cooked the Spanish rice, which is mucho yummy if I do say so myself.  The dessert is in the fridge, along with the corn salsa (beans, corn, red onion, cilantro, oil, and lemon juice).

My new convention oven arrived today.  I’ve played with it a bit, and will use it later today for the spoon bread.

The chicken is cooked, but now I must start on putting together enchiladas from scratch.

And the sun is out, but the house is cool and lovely.

I’m having a good day!


I am entertaining friends tonight at dinner.  The menu is a Southwest theme.

I’m making a quick corn and bean relish as an appetizer.  The main course is chicken enchiladas in sour cream sauce.  Sides are refried black beans, Spanish rice, and corn spoonbread (the latter two according to the Joy of Cooking recipes).  Dessert will be Stephenson’s restaurant marshmallow & pineapple salad as a light ending.  And of course everything is from scratch, as it should be.

This morning, with rain outdoors, I have tackled some piles in corners of rooms.  Unread Chronicle of Higher Education issues from last summer are now in the recycling bin, as are various sections of the New York Times from 2012.  A couple of empty Ball jars made their way to the basement, and suddenly the kitchen looks cleaner.

Needless to say, I’m not going in to work today, since this is the last Friday of Spring Break and I’ve worked three full days this week!

And, in the truth category, I’ve been dancing around the house this morning singing along with The Book of Mormon soundtrack and having loads of fun.  Samson the Feist even got into the dancing for a few seconds.

Code of Ethics

I saw this link on Facebook recently, and only today took the time to read the posting in its entirety.

If we substitute for ‘theatre’ the word ‘life,’ this Code of Ethics – truly a statement of ethical living – makes a dandy guide to how to live well with others in a home, a workplace, a social group . . . in fact, a lifetime.