Porch swing

Crazy weather, this.

On this winter night, March 7, 2012, I am sitting on my porch, enjoying the summerish breeze and the lovely temperate weather.  Samson is in his chair, sniffing the air for any sign of an intruder, four-legged or two.  Some windows to the living room and bedroom are open to let in the fresh breeze.

If early March is this warm, what will August bring?

Dinner tonight was a peasant soup of potatoes, onions, some chicken, and dumplings, splashed with cream for the finish.

FLASH – Costco now carries pet meds too.  Samson’s Heartguard Plus will be cheaper there than by mail order.

I cut the first daffodil from my yard today, and am enjoying the sight of it in a bud vase on the kitchen table.

I am about to make some changes in my singing.  Stay tuned.

And have I plugged my new blog about the voice?  Sobre a voz.  Take a look!

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