Daily Archives: March 5, 2012

UGH Monday

I had exactly one hour at my desk today to accomplish fifty different tasks.

The auditorium where Tuesday evening I conduct "Rise Above the Walls."

But I saw four wonderful voice students and had some great lessons with clear results.  I taught my theory class to my wonderful musical theatre majors.  I met with a couple of faculty members.  And I led a clinic at Ladue High for the combined choir concert tomorrow evening.  The day was productive, but tomorrow could be rugged.

My evening was to be at UMSL at a concert.  A power outage there has led to cancelled evening classes, though, and I’m not taking the risk of a 20-minute drive to find the building dark.

My flannels beckoned anyhow, so I am now wearing them.

My sleep last evening was fitful and slow to come.  I went to bed at 10, and don’t know why I’d be restless, but I was.  Perhaps tonight will be better.