Gelato and a Hilton

After attending Evening Prayer yesterday at 5.30 at The Church of Saint Michael and Saint George, I went the few blocks on over to World Market to scour the last of the Christmas items.  And I drove home from there poorer, but happy.

Jacob Wolverton

Meanwhile, my student Jacob Wolverton texted me to let me know he was in town for the evening with his family.  I’d not seen Jacob since I left Indiana in 2008, so we got together later in the evening at the historic Hilton downtown by the Fed, and shared laughter, swapped stories, and imbibed just enough.

I love meeting up with former kids of mine!

(This particular student has a back-story, though, which makes him even more special.  Jacob’s parents were students at Southwest Baptist at about the time I was working there.  Jacob was in children’s choir, and while I don’t have specific recollection, I would have seen him on the chancel steps at First Baptist Church in Bolivar, singing lustily at age four.)

Before the Hilton visit, though, I dashed from my dinner of salad at home to the South Grand gelato place where I enjoyed very much a small cup of London Fog gelato while talking with my friend K.  We always find things to discuss.

‘Twas a good evening of chatting.

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