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31 July 1995

I can give you a six-word formula for success: “Think things through – then follow through.”

~Sir Walter Scott

[Here are my journal entries from Monday, 31 July 1995]

9 a.m.  On the A7 Highway, south of Edinburgh.  The sun is starting to burn the gray fog off, and we’re driving through a valley full os sheep, old rock walls, heather, older houses made of stone, Scotch pines, and beautiful vistas.  The streams are clear, the bridges old.  We’re on our way to Sir Walter Scott’s home, followed by lunch on Hadrian’s Wall.

Abbotsford House

10.50 a.m. Abbotsford.  Sir Walter Scott’s house and I’m sitting on the lawn.  I’ve seen his library and study, James I’s sword, locks of hair from more people that I can name and a most beautiful mansion and grounds.  And now I look out on the river behind the house.  This is so peaceful.

Noon.  Melrose Abbey.  A beautiful ruin.  We’re just crossing the River Tweed which also ran through the grounds of Abbotsford.  It’s a major river, and a salmon river too.

12.50 p.m. On A7 heading south.  We’ve just crossed into England.  The gardens in the villages are beautiful.  Roses abound, and most every large and small house has some sort of garden out front.  they really are lovely.

Right now we’re in a quite hilly area, still populated by sheep!  The same stone walls separate fields from growing from pasture-land.  We just passed some road construction, and saw some hay baling going on, just as in the States.  A few minutes ago we stopped at the ruins of Jedburgh Abbey.  Mary, Queen of Scots was imprisoned 400 years ago in a building in that town too.

Jedburgh Abbey