Daily Archives: March 12, 2011

Saturday/Spring Break

Where the people sing, no man is ever robbed.

~J. G. Seume

Today feels like my second day of Spring Break.  After a grueling first eight weeks of the semester and an on-the-go first six days of break, I am enjoying some time at home.

My morning started with homemade biscuits.  Then I worked some of that off with the commencement of Lighten Your Loafers, a weight-loss challenge shared by 20 guys from Gateway Men’s Chorus.  We got our hearts going a little bit.

When I got back home at 10.30, I kept moving.  The back yard is now emptied of most leaves.  I prepped the patio furniture for use.  I trimmed the ivy that keeps trying to invade. I installed an under-the-cabinet light above the stove.  And I took five boxes of crap from the basement to the trash bins out back.

Suddenly the clock read noon.  Auditions for the Muny are next door at SLU High; one of my students dropped by for a lunch of Caesar salad with chicken, then headed back to the audition.  Several of my kids are called back for tomorrow!

I have some upstairs work to do in the spare bedroom where I’ve been throwing things recently.  I need to run to the cleaners, and to the florists.   Tonight is dinner with C and then Powell Hall for the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra.

I may try to get a nap in there too.