Daily Archives: March 3, 2011

Speak to the Child

We must speak to the child of love.

~Allen Koepke

One of the pieces I led today at the choral festival at Saint Louis University High School was Allen Koepke’s Speak to the Child of Love.

I adore this work, both for its text and for the beautiful simplicity of the harmonic shifts that keep amping the energy and emotional power of the song.

The girls today sang it wonderfully.

Here’s a performance by my group in 2006:

Th already

A clever horse is a good-natured one, not an ingenious one.

~Strunk and White, discussing the use of the word ‘clever’

I’m undertaking my annual re-read of The Elements of Style. Expect more morsels from this delightful book.

How we got to Thursday already is really out of my comprehension.  The week has been a blur – meetings, lessons, rehearsals, project deadlines, phone calls, auditions.  I was not helped by being away for three days last week, then an eight-hour day of GMC and Webster activity on Sunday.  Several people yesterday noted that I appeared tired.

I am.

The next two weekends are slightly less hectic, and next week is Spring Break, meaning a different flow to the days (but I’ll be traveling for three of them, so I guess topsy-turvy is the word anyhow).  I’ll adjudicate on Saturday in Alton, Illinois.  Sunday includes two different meals with friends, a trip to the Missouri Botanical Garden, and Evensong at St. Peters.  I’m away Tuesday thru Thursday to conduct school clinics in the Kansas City area, where I’ll also attend a Kansas City Chorale concert and Ash Wednesday services at Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, my home parish.

Today, though, should be a delight.  I will walk around the corner in just a few minutes to lead a choral workshop and concert at Saint Louis University High School.  Perhaps I’ll return with some pictures later today?