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29 July 1995

[On first reaching British soil.]


Gatwick International Airport. London.–

We’re here!

First impressions  – fencerows are made of trees, not fences.  The land is divided not into neat checkerboard squares, but irregular blocks and triangles.  Trees abound, but it’s obviously dry because the grass is not lush.

On the ground, a Virgin Atlantic 747.  Air Zimbabwe.  Monarch Airlines.  I’ve not seen these . . . .

This airport could be KCI as far as remoteness and landscape.  We’re 15° north of Kansas City, but you’d not know it, except . . . a spire of a church in the distance.  It’s a vastly different look than in Missouri.

We’re moved ahead six hours in body time and travel time.  The announcement was made in a British tongue, with the words ‘marked up’ instead of ‘marked.’

We’re here!  And the sun’s shining!!