Diary of a dinner

Sometimes it’s not how big the steps are, simply just the direction in which the steps are going.

~Charis Bopp-Semple

I made a Lebanese meal for some friends on Wednesday.  Dinner was on the table at 6.45 p.m.

When Misha arrived home at about 6, I was practically dancing around the kitchen, such was my bliss in the joy of creating and cooking.  Aside from making music, I think I am happiest when I’m in the kitchen.

Herewith, the diary of a dinner.

2.30 Dierbergs to shop for the necessary items for dinner (and go by the bank and get Ingrid the Volvo a wash)

4.00 make tsatziki and mint tea

4.15 mix the beef and ingredients for kibbeh; cook the kibbeh and transfer to the warmer to keep

4.35 make the chicken for Djaj Mah Ruz; make homemade lemonade

4.55 make second batch of chicken

5.00 blanch and peel two tomatoes

5.15 set the table

5.30 start the green beans with tomato and onion

5.50 start the lamb and rice stuff

6.00 change clothes

6.10 talk to Misha

6.25 first guest arrives

6.35 serve kibbeh

6.45 toast the pine nuts and almonds in butter

6.47 dinner on the table

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that planning and knowing how to get a meal on the table at the same time isn’t a necessary and important kitchen skill!


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