Audition tips: appearance matters

I made these notes as I was adjudicating a recent round of scholarship auditions for a nearby arts organization.  And I mean every bit of this!

When singing for a college audition, a scholarship audition, the Met auditions, or any other “I get money and/or representation if I win this” audition, please:

  • wear clothes that fit and flatter.  If in doubt, ask someone not close to you to give you an honest opinion.
  • (for gentlemen) use collar stays if your collar has removable stays.  And if it doesn’t, then put some spray starch on the lower tips of the collar.
  • wear dresses of an appropriate length.  Friday night dresses are rarely the right length.
  • wear your hair in a way that is kempt rather than un-, and be certain that your hair frames your face without inhibiting the view of your eyes.
  • have your sleeves shortened.  If you wear a large collar size, don’t also wear sleeves with cuffs that come down to your knuckles.  A seamstress can fix all that for $20, and you’ll look like a million bucks!
  • wear a vest that fits, that doesn’t have unsightly gaps, and that is long enough to cover your belt.  We do not want to see part of shirt above your pants under your vest.
  • wear nothing that’s too snug or inhibits the breath.  We all want to look svelte, but the adjudicators also want to feel that you can inhabit both the song and your clothes with style and panache and no small amount of savoir-faire.

For more info from other pros:

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