Daily Archives: October 2, 2009

Performing arts weekend

Performing arts weekend is here.  While that’s not an official designation, it certainly is the weekend….

I attended last evening Conversations With My Father as presented by a local company, the New Jewish Theatre.  When one wakes up the next morning thinking about the play, then one knows that the play was worth attending.  I was moved, entertained, and to some extent enlightened.  My Jewish friend who accompanied me found much more resonance and had a more powerful reaction, I think.

[I’m writing this as I proctor a test in my Fundamentals class.  As each of the kids finishes and turns in the exam, I’m smiling.  And I’m getting various reactions back.  Some have less-than-happy faces.  How I love these students, though . . . and how I love teaching.]

The Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra performs Janacek’s Sinfonietta tonight, along with Copland, Prokofiev, and Harris.  I’m especially looking forward to the Janacek, a work I’ve loved since I first heard it on recording.  My only previous live experience with this work was in Evansville in 1999, ten years ago last month.

My days this weekend are filled with ACDA work, more canning, church, enough office work left from this week to fill up Sunday afternoon, and two more shows.  The Webster University Conservatory of Theatre Arts is presenting Sondheim’s Company for a ten-day run.  My wonderful soprano Audrey is in the show.  I’ll see it tomorrow.  And Sunday evening is closing night of Amadeus at the Saint Louis Repertory Theatre, which I’ll see as well.  (Next weekend is just as packed.)