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Julia Child on salad dressing

I picked up one of Julia Child’s books at Kramerbooks in DC this week.

Who else but Julia writes something like this? –

“The moment before serving (and not before, or the salad will wilt), turn the greens into the bowl.  Toss with several spoonfuls of the dressing, reaching down into the bottom of the bowl with your spoon and fork and bringing up big clumps of leaves, and repeating rapidly, adding driblets of dressing as needed so that all the leaves are lightly enrobed but the greens are not swimming.  Pick up a small piece and taste analytically, tossing in a sprinkling of salt and pepper or more lemon or vinegar if needed.  Serve at once.”

American History

From the Smithsonian Museum of American History today:

National Gallery

The Arts Schools Network conference included a bit of off time this afternoon.  I hoofed it by subway to the National Gallery of Art.  And then to the Kennedy Center for a reception.


My students call me “DC,” which I suppose is short for Dr. Carter.

I’m in DC right now too.

In actuality, it’s Arlington, Virginia.

I’m here for three days for the Arts Schools Network annual conference.  Most of my next three days will be spent in the hotel representing Webster University to principals, counselors, and arts teachers.  I’ll get out for evening meals, though, and I hope for a short visit to one of the Smithsonian Museums.