Apple butter 2

Some of my students asked me today what was my fixation with canning.

I don’t have a fixation.  I do enjoy the cooking, and the laying up of provisions for another year, and the connection to something that my mother and grandmother did.  And I enjoy being able to give gifts of homemade sustenance and sugary goodness to others as host gifts or holiday gifts.

Last night was apple butter night.  I bought the apples and provided the sugar.  D made supper of pork roast and broccoli.  I added apples cooked in butter and sugar.  Yum.

By the time he arrived, the apples for the the apple butter were on the stove.  You can follow some of the progress above, from whole apples to apple pulp to removal of seeds and skin to oven to jars.  While the apple butter was the oven we canned four quarts of apples in a light syrup.  This reminds me of G-ma so much.

T joined us for a while, taking some pictures, playing with Sam, and enjoying company.  The kitchen was a very happy place to be last evening!

The whole evening finished with some bubbly and the final canning at about 11.15 p.m.

This weekend = more canned apples.  I think I’m done with the apple butter for this year.  I do need to make an apple pie, though.

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