Daily Archives: September 27, 2009

Samson & storms

Samson the Feist really truly doesn’t like thunder or lightning, and he’s not that fond of the sound of rain.

As the rain was falling yesterday, and the lightning flashing from time to time, he was as close to me as he could be, spending most of his time curled up under my desk, ON my feet, as I was doing some GMC work.  I’d brought in a pillow and put it by the desk, but he had none of that.  Physical safety was paramount for this little dog.

I finally had enough, so we both did what any sensible person/dog does when the rain is falling.  We napped.  Every time I moved a bit, he scooted closer so that his back was always touching me.  I guess he feels safer that way.  I know that I feel better when he’s by my side too.