Daily Archives: September 4, 2009

GMC begins anew

Friday evening, September 4, 2009.  A year ago right now I was quickly looking toward the first rehearsal of my time with the Gateway Men’s Chorus.  Tonight I’m in Columbus, Ohio at the GALA Choruses 2009 leadership conference.  We have nearly 100 artistic directors here, plus another 200 or so board members, singing members, and staff members of GALA choruses around the USA.

At 9.30 local time, I’m in for the evening with g&t and tennis on ESPN2.  I’ve dumped the CD’s I bought today into my iTunes.  And I enjoyed a delightful Italian meal with my GMC colleagues Chris McLellan (board president), his partner Richard, and David Morrow (board secretary).

I’m filled with ideas tonight, ideas that could have a direct bearing on the Gateway Men’s Chorus’ success this season as we strive to move from the group’s teenage years into an artistic adulthood.  Today’s sessions resonated deeply, both for me and I think for the chorus.

Columbus, a city I’ve never visited, having only driven through before, reminds me of Indianapolis in some ways. That we can be outdoors when possible is a blessing too.  The patio by the Hyatt at Capitol Square has served us well today!  I spent a few minutes at the state capitol today.  It’s fairly sparse and unadorned, but pretty massive in its proportions.

Tomorrow is reading session day.  I’ll share Greg Gilpin’s Above the walls with the assembled artistic directors, and I look forward to reading some other fine music!

Here are some shots from last Saturday’s Be Our Guest event, and from today in Indianapolis.