Daily Archives: August 31, 2009

Lessons & success

My first voice lesson of the new school year was at 10 a.m. today.  Jordan is going to be a gem.  We made progress quickly – and he was well prepared for singing and learning to begin with!

Audrey, my wow-ish soprano, a sophomore musical theatre major, got word last Friday that she was the only sophomore girl cast in Company at Webster University this fall.  I’m delighted for her, of course, and awfully proud and pleased.  We made terrific progress last year.  Her lesson on Thursday should be a great leap too.

How attitude effects us

How Attitude Affects Us

Our attitude at the beginning of a job will affect the outcome of the job more than anything else.

Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude toward us.

Our attitude toward others will determine their attitude toward us.

Before we can achieve the kind of life we want, we must think, act, walk, talk, and conduct ourselves in ways characteristic of who we ultimately wish to become.

The higher we go in any organization of value, the better the attitude we’ll find.

Hold successful, positive thoughts in our minds will make the difference in the world.

If we always make a person feel needed, important, and appreciated, he or she will return this attitude to us.

Part of a good attitude is to look for the best in new ideas.  So look for good ideas everywhere.  We’ll find them in the most wonderful places: on bumpers of cars, on restaurant menus, in books, in travel, out of the innocent mouths of children.

Don’t broadcast personal problems.  It probably won’t help you, and it cannot help others.

Don’t talk about your health unless it’s good.

Radiate the attitude of well-being.  Don’t be embarrassed to share visions, desires, and goals.

Treat everyone with whom you come in contact as a fellow member of the human race—with all the rights, duties, and privileges thereof.

The Golden Rule still applies:  Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Ted W. Engstrom.  from Motivation to Last a Lifetime