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50 years

My parents, Richard and Marie Carter, were married fifty years ago today in a Sunday ceremony in Adrian, Missouri.

Mom and Dad met at the Baptist Student Union at the University of Missouri.  They attended Calvary Baptist Church in Columbia, a church to which we would later return when my father joined the staff there.  After their wedding, they lived in Fulton, Missouri for a year while Mom finished her education degree; Pop was the education director at a Baptist Church there.  In 1960 they moved to New Orleans so that my father could enter seminary.  I was born there a year later.

Here’s what my father sent yesterday: “Your Mom and I were married in 1st Baptist, Adrian, on a Sunday afternoon.  Uncle Jim [Pop’s brother] was my best man and Edwin [Mom’s brother] and Bill Blaze [BSU friend] stood up with me.   We left that afternoon for an overnight stay at a motel and then onto the Lake of the Ozarks for four days of time together before coming back to DeSoto [his hometown] for a reception there and then back home to Fulton for yet another reception.”

Little did any of us know in 1984 that the 25th anniversary reception we enjoyed would be the last big wedding anniversary.  Mom died in 1998.  She and Pop had been married 38 and a half years at her death.

Accompanist duties

In my ongoing effort to re-post some things from my old website, I offer this list for choral directors and accompanists, adapted from two primary sources, as devised for my community chorus in the early 1990s —


Qualifications and Responsibilities

The successful accompanist will:

1.  Be proficient in furnishing the piano accompaniment when there is a separate piano part.

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