Daily Archives: August 28, 2009

Friday evening

By 4 p.m. today I was at my end at school.  My thinking cells had expired or at least over-extended.  My body was saying enough.

I drove home.

Samson greeted me warmly.  I sat down on the porch to read the Times and drink a Diet Pepsi.  Not long after, a friend arrived.  We drove to dinner at Three Monkeys on Morgan Ford in South City, where we met two others for a delightful dinner.  I ordered the fish basket, washing down dinner with a couple of Schlafly Kolsch brews.  The fries were just like Mom used to make on Saturday evening for dinner.

The big plan this evening was to see La Cage alacageux Folles at Ivory Theatre in the Carondolet neighborhood.  After all, this is one of my favorite shows in the world, and I’m still hoping to play one of the leads before I get too old. I saw the national tour in the mid-80’s, and attended the London revival just a few weeks ago.

The show?  I left at intermission.

Ah well.


Life at the office exploded with hecticity on Wednesday.  I started setting a few meetings, but that led to compression of what had been a relaxed, ‘come in and sit down’ kind of Monday and Tuesday.  I’ve been out the door before 8 every morning this week, and have left the office after 6 every evening.

Tonight?  A production of La Cage aux Folles at Ivory Theatre, and dinner with friends.  Thanks be to God.

Rest in peace, Teddy Kennedy, and may flights of angels lead you into paradise.