In just a few minutes, after I write up a lesson plan for tomorrow’s MUSC 1000 (Fundamentals of Music) lecture, I’ll officially be as ready as I’ve ever been for the beginning of a new school year.

Of course, I didn’t lose any of that weight this summer, so that must needs be an ongoing thing.

Otherwise . . . oops, that load of laundry too . . . otherwise, I’m ready to go.  The house is clean.  The must-do tasks are done.  Many of the should-do tasks are done too.  I’m invigorated and filled with happy anticipation.

This afternoon, as has been my custom for several years, I went to a movie, finding that simply stopping and watching someone else’s art for a while helps clear the brain on the day before classes commence.  Julie & Julia is a most heart-warming (and hunger-inducing) film!  I laughed and laughed.  When I got home I fired up the grill.  Dinner was grilled potatoes, onions, and sweet red pepper, and a steak.  I also barbecued three chicken breasts and four burgers so that I’d have healthy food for the week, with leftover grilled veggies at every meal too.

Two things to keep me fresh this year:

I’m pulling The Joy of Cooking off the shelf tonight.  I  need to energize my store of recipes over the next few months; and, I read about two dozen songs today, with more last week and more to come, with an eye toward teaching at least 75% new voice literature this year.

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