Daily Archives: August 22, 2009


Some observations today.

  1. Seventy-five degree days in August are a wonder and blessing.
  2. Dog poop, even when two weeks old, still rankles the nose when collected in a plastic baggie when baking in the sun.
  3. Speaking of dogs, Samson charms everyone he meets.
  4. Fresh flowers brighten the room.
  5. Recycling piles up when it’s left a week too long.
  6. Visiting with neighbors as we stand in the front yard is one life’s little joys.


I’ve gotten in the habit this summer of spending about $20 a week at Walter Knoll Florists on Flower Row nearby.  Wholesale prices are wonderful!  I cut some filler from the tiger grass, zebra grass, crape myrtle branches, and other things in my yard.  Et voila!

Here are four cut flower arrangements from today’s $30 purchase.  What’s not shown is the oriental iris arrangement I took upstairs.