Daily Archives: August 13, 2009

Thursday morning

Samson and I have been out for a walk this morning.  He enjoyed the first block, and after that started acting tired and flop-bottomish.  He’s a pill.

I realized yesterday that all of my thoughts about physical activity this summer had never translated into action.  With only one week left of the summer, I’m trying to move back into a routine that finds me rising 30 minutes earlier and using that to walk the half-mile to Macklind and back.  That’s fifteen minutes at a brisk pace.  Twice a day, and I’ll see and feel some improvement.

The week has been filled with meetings and activity at work.  I have three different meal meetings today; yesterday, two.  And I found myself on Tuesday still at the office at 7 p.m.

This weekend is a board workshop for the Gateway Men’s Chorus.  We will benefit from the services of an outside consultant.  She’s staying with me, and thought the house is tidy, I have a bit of cleaning to do tonight just to ensure spic-spanness.

In short, August is rushing toward next Thursday, the first day of the new contract year at Webster.  Not many days after that we commence a new season for the Gateway Men’s Chorus.

I’m invigorated, if not fully recharged.