Daily Archives: August 4, 2009


I’m at 16 quarts so far.  One more batch will go in the jars in the morning.

And I’m amazed that a bushel of cucumbers can be distilled down to about 25 quarts of homemade pickles.

Coming downstairs this morning, I realized quite happily that the scent in my house right now reminds of mornings at G-ma’s as she was pickling.  I didn’t realize then how joyful those days were.  I’m joyful today too.

Flanders Field

My friend Paul Aitken won the first-ever American Choral Directors Association student composition contest ten years ago with his composition Flanders Field.

I programmed this work with the Ball State University Concert Choir in 2003, and have conducted the piece subsequently with a couple of all-district choirs.

Here’s the 2003 concert performance in an archive recording.