ACDA in OKC – it’s a wrap

new-logoThe convention is over.  My friend (and ACDA employee) Jeffery Thyer succinctly summarized the rest of the story on his blog today.

I’m feeling a bit the same way.

Yet to do: thank you letters and certificates to 17 judges, final report to the guys in charge, dozens of follow-up emails to people I met and talked to, some personal thank-you letters.  And then we set about to reconfiguring the whole Student Conducting Competition 2011, changing methods and choir make-up and format.  All of this means that the entry rules are changing too, as is the method for submitting entries . . . which will be completely paperless in Autumn 2010.

I went to my first ACDA national convention in 1991 in Phoenix.  I’ve not missed one since – San Antonio twice, Washington, San Diego, LA, New York, Chicago, Miami, Oklahoma City.   I remember fussing back in the early 1990’s (as I’m wont to do!) that no one would put me to work in the ACDA or MENC hierarchy.

Well, I’m working now!

I am who I am.  My position in ACDA, though (as national chair for the whole youth/student activity area), causes people to seek me out.  This is both flattering and terrifying, in large part because I’m well aware of what I don’t know, and I found out more of what I lack every day.

In any event, now that the convention is history, I’m delighted in the outcomes, and in my ability to share ideas with others as we work to make our organization a stronger one in the 21st century.

And I’ll be talking about the Incheon group from Korea for a very long time.

Post script: Kudos and bravos and ovations to Executive Director Tim Sharp and President-Elect Jerry McCoy, as well as the entire convention steering committee, for an outstanding, friendly, smaller-and-closer-feel convention!

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