Monthly Archives: August 2008

Labor Day holiday

Saturday morning.  I’m in Kansas City with D right now, having driven across Missouri last evening after a full day of work.  We met up with Todd at the hotel bar (we’re at the venerable Hotel President) for a night-cap or three, and then found out that the American Idol national tour cast is staying at the same hotel.  While I don’t know their names, I can report with confidence that I saw several of the finalists arrive here late last night after their local concert at the Sprint Center.  The little David boy was among them, smiling his clean-cut smile and beaming for the screaming girls in the lobby.

Today is Art Day, with visits to the Nelson, the Kemper, and Thomas Hart Benton’s home, ending up with live theatre tonight.  Lunch is at one of my favorite places, Westport Flea Market.  I do love being a tourist in my own hometown!


I am SO hooked.

The UP series is a sociological study of a selected group of seven-year-olds from Great Britain.  The series starts in the early 1960’s, and follows these folk through their lives at seven-year intervals.  I started watching on Monday with the seven- and fourteen-year installments, then decided I couldn’t wait and checked out the rest of the series from my university library. 

I’ll finish with 35-up tomorrow night, then pick it up next week after a weekend in Kansas City.

Vaughan Williams

Ralph Vaughan Williams died 50 years ago today.

He remains one of the most loved of British composers. He’s also in my personal top five list.

To commemorate this anniversary, I’ll post this link to his bio on the Ralph Vaughan Williams Society webpage.

Here‘s a portion of a performance of his Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis.

Rest in peace, dear Ralph.