Monthly Archives: July 2008

Baby pictures

I’ve scanned a number of photos recently, and will be posting them in batches according to decade.

Here are some from my earliest days.

Kevin Johnson

You know, I don’t think I could ask for a more positive, gifted, and I-trust-this-guy board president than Kevin Johnson.  Kevin has made my transition to Saint Louis and the AD gig with the Gateway Men’s Chorus a smooth, easy, and painless one.  He was a darn good roommate in Miami, where he was also the subject of no small amount of good-natured ribbing.  And he was the first person in town to bring me a house-warming present of homemade cookies.

Kevin’s the genuine article.  We should all be so blessed in our lives to have someone like him around.


I lunched today with one of the Gateway Men’s Chorus’ long-time members.

The lunch at Cravings was definitely a culinary joy!  I dined on fresh greens with herb vinaigrette, a wild mushroom tart (oh my!), and a citrus torte for dessert.

This place is a caterer who happens to serve lunch in a small dining room.  And it’s a brief walk from my office.  I’ll be back often!

H’s visit in pictures

H was here from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Between Sunday and Monday we:

  • went to Christ Church Cathedral
  • visited the old basilica and the Cathedral Basilica
  • lunched in the Central West End
  • toured the Mark Twain sites in Hannibal
  • walked the banks of the Mississippi
  • ate gelato
  • saw fat ducks
  • went to a movie
  • toured the A-B brewery
  • attended a show at the Muny.

We had a grand time!

Sad duties at work

One of our long-serving Webster music professors died this weekend, quite unexpectedly.

Last evening, I undertook phone calls to faculty members to tell them the sad words of loss and confusion.  The mood in the building today was somber, with several of my colleagues noting that they were having a tough time just believing that he was gone.

I’ve not had to deal with this kind of shock to the faculty system before.  This was certainly not what I expected for my second month at Webster.  But . . . we will cope, we will march on, we will keep teaching and making music.  We will indeed, because this is what we do, and this is circle of life.

May Earl’s soul, and the souls of all our faithful departed . . . friends, family, neighbors, companions on the journey . . . rest in peace.