Daily Archives: July 25, 2008

Getting to know you

I feel sometimes -happily, I might add! – like the new kid in town who everyone wants to get to know.

Last night’s installment of that included dinnner with Neal Richardson – composer, coach, arranger, pianist, church musician, accompanist. Neal is on the Webster faculty; he serves a UCC church in Clayton; he writes for Hal Leonard, among other publishers; and he has lasting connections to the Gateway Men’s Chorus. One can just imagine how much we had to talk about!

Neal took me to a Brazilian restaurant near Soulard. I felt like I was back in Brazil. This restaurant will be a regular destination!

I lunched yesterday with one of our musical gypsies. By that, I simply mean a musician who makes a living by working about 15 different gigs. “I’m at Webster at 1, Fontbonne at 3, and then in front of the U City orchestra at 7.” I lived this life, and I admire those who successfully cobble together all these elements. As it turns out, Leon has a doctorate from Kansas, so we ‘rock-chalked’ our way through lunch, talking with joy about our time on the Hill in Lawrence.

I rearranged some iTunes tracks yesterday. I know have anything on my iPod that I’ve conducted all in one album.

The day finished with a movie with D. I know this will be blasphemy to some, but the latest Batman did little for me, and the melodramatic, preachy last 15 minutes were a disaster of an ending.

Thank heavens for Manhattans to wash away the taste of a spoiled movie.